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Our Engineers More than 20 Years experiences in Ship Design and Analysis.

Shipstab Marine Consultant Ltd Professionals has engineers and designers who can participate in various phase of the projects  from conceptual design, FEED, Design Engineering, Detailed Engineering, Construction Engineering for onshore and offshore projects.

Services Areas

  • Naval Architect Design
     1.Concept Design 

     2.Detailed Design Development/ 

        Contract Design 

     3.New Build & Conversion 


     4.Hull Form Design & Analysis 

     5.Tank & Hold Capacities and 


     6.Inclining Experiments, Analysis

        & Reports 

     7.Intact & Damaged Stability 

     8.Structural Design & Analysis 

     9.Classification Scantling &

        Production drawings 

    11.Plan & Document Approval

    12.Evaluation & Feasibility 


     13.Lifting Analysis Reports

  • Mechanical And Electrical Design
     1.Machinery Arrangement and 

        Detail Layouts 

     2.Sizing and Selection of 


     3.System loads and balance 

     4.System diagrams 

     5.Control and Instrumentation 

     6.Electrical load balance 

     7.Electrical single line diagram 

     8.Fault level calculation and 

        Discrimination Curves 

  • Piping and HVAC
     1. Development P&ID

     2. Piping layou drawing

     3. Piping Isometric Drawing

     4. Piping Spool Drawing

     5. Fabrication

     6. Installation.

     7. Hydro Testing.


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Marine Engineering Consultancy Services.

Shipstab marine naval architecture services includes new vessel designs, existing vessel conversion and modification project work.

New vessel designs range from small tug boats, pilot boats and supply boats, to larger commercial vessels such as bulk carriers and oil tankers, to naval vessels such as landing craft; to some of the world’s largest super heavy lift construction, multi-purpose offshore construction vessels. Vessel conversion expertise also includes specialized vessels such as cable and pipe lay vessels, chemical carriers, drill ships, Jack up Barge Drilling, FPSO’s & FSO’s, semi-submersibles and ROV operations.


Design Project Services

Design specialized vessels such as cable and pipe lay vessels, chemical carriers, drill ships, Jack up Barge Drilling, FPSO’s & FSO’s, semi-submersibles, Crew Boats and ROV operations.

Structural & Naval Architecture

Engineering is the foundation of a successful project, doing in time and producing the required AFC (approved for construction) drawing will enable the project execution team to complete the construction of the project in time. 

Detail CAD Design Consultancy Services

Shipstab engineering possesses a group of proficient designers who are well experienced with the cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the marine and oil and gas industry. By working closely with our strong engineering team our designers are more than capable of delivering the detailed engineering scope of work for the fixed offshore platforms. The designers are proficient with the following aspects, 

  • Detailed layout and Arrangements.
  • Detailed Structural Drawings.
  • Detailed Steel Outfitting.
  • Procurement Assistant.
  • Detailed piping & Electrical Cable Tray Routing

Project Management & Construction Services

Shipstab Marine Ltd project management team has been helping the clients in the smooth and efficient running of the projects throughout the globe. The team has a set of dedicated resources in assisting our clients at the site to monitor the daily activities at the site and providing them with the solution by working closely with the engineering and designing team in the office as well as in the construction site. 

  • Cad Drawing Services
  • General Arrangement Layout and Details
  • Fire/Safety Plans to IMO/ISM Requirements
  • Tank Capacity Plans